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Sunday Crider

Sunday Crider is a Mexia native and life-long lover of music.   She began tinkling the ivories around the age of 5, and now plays a lot of things a little bit.   Having been a part of school and church choirs, as well as musical theater, her most appreciative audience is her flock of chickens and various farm animals.   


As a church music leader, Sunday caught the eye of fellow church members during a soulful rendition of “Go Down Moses” or “Not Today Satan” (no one can seem to recall exactly which, if any song in particular, it was).  Michelle Henderson, who was also the bass player for a groovy local band called “Knot Today”, invited her to a jam sesh with the other band members, and the rest is history.   Sunday is now keyboard player, backup vocalist, and sometimes the red-headed step-child.


Although the band life seems very glamorous and lucrative, Sunday balances several other careers with her music, including being a business owner and college professor.   She also occasionally tends to her 3 free-range children, who are probably more musically inclined than their mother.  

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