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Bob Bosch - Drums

Bob Bosch also began his musical career as a child. “I began my drumming career at the age of 10 on a couch with 2 knitting needles, a pillow to beat on, and an old Victrola to play the 33RPM vinyl records.

'I spent innumerable hours pounding on that old pillow before getting my first drum pad and an actual pair of drum sticks at 11. This was a big improvement that finally lead to my initial drum kit at the age of 12. Shortly thereafter, in my first year in junior high, I met a couple of guys who played guitar and one a piano, and we started a garage band called ‘We.’ We played several school dances and private parties throughout junior high. The band split up after junior high as everyone went to different high schools. This was very good for me, as in high school, I met some new guys and started a new band called ‘Sound Investment.’ Including me, we had five very talented musicians, and best of all, a dedicated rehearsal facility complete with recording capabilities. We consistently booked weekend gigs all the way through high school as well as headlined in several larger venues in the Houston area including winning a Battle of the Bands title at Astroworld. We continued to play together after graduating from high school, though we were forced to replace a few members. At this point, we were spending quite a bit of time recording original material that actually received some play time from several stations in the Houston area. Unfortunately, two of our key members ended up being drafted for the Vietnam War, and for several years, I did not play. During this hiatus, I was married and took a new job working at a British firm. At this company was a group of accomplished musicians who had been jamming together for a year or so. We all started playing together, and it wasn’t long before I was back on stage performing on a regular basis. This was really an enjoyable experience as the British music style was all new and exciting. The band’s name was ‘Second Wind,’ and we had regular engagements at several Houston clubs during the mid to late 90s. The band continued to perform well into the mid-2000s at which time several of the bands members decided it was time to move back to England. After their departure, a couple of the remaining guys and I continued to play at private parties on a limited basis until such time as I retired from the company and moved to Thornton in 2013. At this point, I shelved my equipment until early in 2016 when I met Dan Mills and began putting together what is now the band ‘Knot Today.’ I have always enjoyed playing music, especially performing live, and even today at age 65, when I’m on stage, I feel the same as I did as a 20 year old once again rocking out and having fun.” 

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