Lamar Evans - Rythym Guitar, Vocals

Lamar Evans grew up in a musical family where his father played guitar and mother played the piano. Both his sibling also played musical instruments. Lamar began playing the guitar when he was ten years old, learning from a childhood friend who was taking lessons. From the time he was in junior high and all through high school, he sang in the choir and took music theory classes. In high school, he sang in a UIL sweep- stakes winning A cappella choir, a select choral group, and competed

in UIL solo and ensemble contests. During this time he also sang in a folk rock group singing lead vocals and playing guitar with many songs being original material. Upon graduating from high school, Lamar put his guitar and musical aspirations aside to serve in the military, become a law enforcement officer, and raise a family. Throughout his adult life and a long professional career, Lamar has always been a lover of music, which has always, along with his wife Susan and their children, gotten him through the toughest of times during combat deployments and a life as a police officer. Lamar brings a willingness to learn, a love of music, and his self-described “rhythm guitar on steroids” to “Knot Today.” Long live the blues and rock and roll!!