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Michelle Henderson - Bass, Lead Vocals

Classically trained lead singer and bassist Michelle Henderson devel- oped a love for music “with my parents and their incessant need to play obnoxious music very loudly. I had to sing to compete with the noise. (Except for that Karen Carpenter record that I loved with a passion.) My first instrument was the toy guitar that someone bought me for Christ- mas when I was 3. I have a picture of me playing it and singing some- thing loudly. Also at 3, much to the chagrin of my mother, I took the vacuum apart and pretended to be Roy Clark on Hee-Haw. (I was a-pickin’, and he was a-grinnin’.)” She began playing the saxophone at age 12, and continued to play in the band all through her junior high, and high school career.  During her sophomore year, she switched from saxophone to the bass which she continues to play.  In 1989 she began performing with the band Chequered Past. She went on to play for other bands such as House of Glass, Velocity, the Freddie Everett Experience and Saucerhead before relocating to central Texas and joining Knot Today. “I just love being part of the music.” She was trained in voice by Russian Opera singer Gelina Genin and plays several instruments including bass, guitar, saxophone, drums, keyboard, and bass violin. 

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